What is the world first?

This¬†is the world’s first bonsai online store for the world. What is the world first? That is to export items one by one to customers.You surely think that it is very ordinary…

Actually, when sending plants such as bonsai, it is necessary to conduct a quarantine inspection. Conditions are different depending on the country you send, but for example in the case of the US it will look like below.

  1. It is grown for at least 3 years in a greenhouse or a mesh room of a nursery registered in government agencies of cultivated countries.
  2. The greenhouse or mesh room in which the bonsai is cultivated shall have all ventilation and openings with a net less than 1.6 mm.
  3. Bonsai is cultivated with disinfected culture substrate for at least 2 years.
  4. Have to be placed on a shelf above 50 cm above the ground in the greenhouse or in the net room.
  5. The Registry nursery will be inspected by the Plant Protection Agency once a quarter pest inscribed by the United States once every 12 months.

Yes, It is necessary to inspect for more than 3 years before becoming a product. We can send you genuine products that achieved all of those conditions. If you are interested in bonsai in other countries please let us know. We will challenge soon!

You will attracted it at first sight.

By adopting this method, it is possible to omit unnecessary cost. We were able to make the price of the item the same as the price sold in Japan.
However, there are things that are difficult to sell online. Because it is only one of our bonsai in the world, just looking at the picture makes it unrealistic. Our actual bonsai is heavy, big and at a glance you will be overwhelmed by the presence. Please compare it with the items of other shops if possible, you will surely know the difference soon.
In this blog I will write about the charm of bonsai that does not convey only with such product page, things about Japan, things about the online store that I do for the first time. We are planning to add content as well, so I’m happy to have you check it. Have a nice day!