Japanese White Pine H/29.3′

$ 4,250

W 23.8′ x D 25.4′ x H 29.3′ ( pot included)

W 16.8′ x D 14.8′ x H 5.1′ ( pot size)

50 years old.

It’s a simple but dynamic Bonsai. It has a strong, thick trunk and wide-spreading roots. Its branches and needles are trimmed in a well-balanced way. It has a strong presence. It resembles a big, solitary tree growing in the wilderness.
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Japanese White Pine/Five Needle Pine,
The Japanese White Pine (also known as a Five Needle Pine) is a tree full of delicacy and elegance. Its short needles form wide, dense crowns in many different shapes, offering various kinds of beauty. It has the calm, quiet strength of an old tree firmly rooted in the ground.


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