Japanese White Pine H/21.8′

$ 1,320

W 27.7′ x D 17.6′ x H 21.8′ ( pot included)

W 12.1′ x D 9.4′ x H 3.7′ (pot size)

15 years old

The roots raised above ground. It has a secure stem and well balanced stems.

It seems simple, but feel elegant and strong presence.

It is reminiscent of the figure that endured silently in the sea breeze.

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White pine, Five leaves pine,
The white pine has a delicacy and elegance, its short, dense needles adapting well with all tree shapes and bringing out various kind of beauty. This tree has the form of a calm and self-possessed old tree, its roots vigorously fixed in the earth. Its leaves are arranged beautifully, relating a story of many months and years on its tray.