this is a satsuki azalea kind of kinu no hikari.

Satsuki Azalea Kinu no Hikari H/33.2′

$ 6,010

W 26.9′ x D 24.2′ x H 33.2′ (pot included)

W 20.3′ x D 18.7′ x H 5.9′ (pot size)

70 years old

It has a firm, thick trunk. It’s a well-balanced tree with a smooth bark and elegant shape. It has a really strong presence. Its spectacular flowers will bloom in May or June to make you feel happy.
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Satsuki Azalea,
A variety of evergreen Azalea tree. Its roots and branches are powerful, and its unpretentious trunk pattern is also impressive. The diverse range of flower forms and colors adds to its charm.


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