Returns & Exchanges

After shipping, our partner store in your country will keep the Bonsai for a while to perform an examination and repotting. After careful examination, our partner store will call you to inform you that the Bonsai will be delivered straight to your doorstep.
Upon receiving the Bonsai, please call our partner store immediately to confirm that you received your Bonsai in a good condition. However, if the Bonsai starts to wither please notify us within 2 weeks from when the order was received so we can respond to your problem. Please give us a call if you notice anything strange about your Bonsai. We give you a 2 week warranty to return the item, as long as it will be estimated that we are liable for the damage. If we will not hear from you within said 2 weeks the damage is no longer covered by the warranty and we won’t be able to answer your return request.
Moreover, please be informed that in the case of a return we cannot replace your tree with another one with the same features, as all our Bonsai trees are special and unique. However, we will provide you with a full refund. We strongly recommend choosing another tree from our wide selection.

Please read Terms and Conditions of use carefully.