The Garden of Bonsai

BONSAIEN means “The Garden of Bonsai” in Japanese.


Our Bonsai trees come from Shikoku, the largest pine Bonsai grower in Japan. Many specific conditions such as quarantine inspection have to be met to import and export the Bonsai trees. However, we deal with all those conditions on our own, so that the Bonsai you ordered can be delivered to you without any trouble or worries.
Nowadays, there are a lot of mass plantations of Bonsai all over the world. However, we are not dealing with the mass plantation as we believe that each Bonsai should be taken care of and looked after carefully so that it can bring joy to its owner. Our motto is quality not quantity. By doing so, we want to show our customers the real essence of Japanese Bonsai culture. Our goal in not only to make a profit but also spread the joy and pleasure of having an authentic Japanese Bonsai tree. Once you buy our Bonsai, your life will never be boring again. The Bonsai tree will become your new life partner. You will have another reason to be excited to wake up each morning. You will start paying more attention to the weather, changing seasons, soil moisture, or any other condition that might affect your Bonsai’s health. Bonsai trees will teach you to be patient and grow as a person.