Five Needle Pine Care Guide

The Five Needle Pine is a beginner-friendly tree as it’s really easy to take care of so it. Almost all Bonsai collectors can enjoy it. In can be wired to achieve a unique shape.


Please put it in a well-vented area. It needs a lot of sunlight, so it should be grown in an area that receives plenty of sunshine. If you want to display it indoors please set a time limit of 3 days during spring, summer and autumn season. During the winter season it can stay indoors for up to one week. After that please put it back to its regular place so it can recover. Please avoid exposing it directly to the wind of the air conditioner.


Watering is advised to be done once a day during spring and autumn season, once in 3 days during the winter season, and twice a day during the summer season.
When the soil gets slightly dry please water the tree. Be careful not to over-water, as if there’s too much water accumulated above the soil or in the saucer for a long time, the roots of the Bonsai will be damaged and eventually get weak. Water is needed not only for hydrating but also discharging gas from the soil. That’s why it is recommended use another saucer, gently stab the soil with a thin stick and make a hole for the Bonsai tree.


This calendar is a sample. Please respond according to the weather of the area where you grow the bonsai.

In April, Bud the sprouts in each branch and make sure to leave two sprouts. (nipping buds) Since those leaves are shorter than other pine trees, the leaves don`t need to be cut.

From Summer, the leaves two years ago  turn brown and fall down from the trunk side. Remove by fingers old leaves for making good conditions that can get good sun light and wind. If twigs get crowded, reduce the branches and leaves at the strong branch in early spring, and cut down the branches outside the outline.

In November, Remove dead leaves and last year’s leaves, improve to get sunshine and ventilation.

Wire for November to February in winter because it’s a dormant period. If you leave the wire attached for more than half a year it will bite into the trunk and branches and it will be scratched, so it is more safe to remove it from the March to October growth period.

Replant every 3 or 4 year and remove unnecessarily stretched roots. It would be nice to disinfect at the same time as giving fertilizer.