Satsuki Azalea Care Guide

The Azalea is a type of Bonsai tree popular for its beautiful flowers, which come in many different colors. It is easy to grow even in a small pot.


Please put it in a well-vented area. It needs a lot of sunlight, so it should be grown in an area that receives plenty of sunshine. If you want to display it indoors please set a time limit of 3 days during spring, summer and autumn season. During the winter season it can stay indoors for up to one week. After that please put it back to its regular place so it can recover. Please avoid exposing it directly to the wind of the air conditioner.


Watering is advised to be done once a day during spring and autumn season, once in 2 days during the winter season, and twice a day during the summer season.¬†Azalea is a flower tree that likes moisture. It is not enough to give water after the surface of the soil is dry. If drainage is good and there is not a root clogging, even if giving too much water, the roots will not rot. If the sun is strong, let’s give the leaves water too.